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Top 10 Eating Places In Disneyland Turkey

top restaurants to eat in vialand Istanbol

Turkey is known for its,  history and landscape of Istanbul, beaches of Ankara and the diverse modern and traditional life style combined in different cities. However, when going to Turkey what do you plan for your kids to do, apart from going to the mall? You might not know this but Turkey has its own Disneyland in Istanbul known as Vialand. So, now when you visit Istanbul you don’t have to worry about your kids not getting enough to do because they can have unlimited fun at Disneyland and you can visit the following eating places to enjoy delicious Turkish and non-Turkish food:

Macco Vialand

Macco Viland is a small Italian restaurant in Disneyland Turkey, known for the authentic food taste and their service. So, while in Turkey if you wish to experience Italian food, then Macco Vialand should be on your list.

Bursa Kebab Evi

When in Turkey do what the Turkish do. Visit Bursa Kebab Evi for traditional Turkish food. Take on the go delicious doner kebabs and enjoy your trip to vialand.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Craving fried chicken that will make your day? Then visit Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen to enjoy a tasty fried meal.


Looking for delicious fast food? Then visit Arby’s for their amazing beef burgers, shakes, and fries. Arby’s is rated as one of the top fast food chains in Turkey, so you are promised not to be disappointed.

HD Iskender

You have enjoyed Bursa Kebab Evi, but if you want a true Turkish dining experience then visit HD Iskender. You will be served traditional Turkish food in Turkish style, and you can enjoy a light green tea after the meal like the Turkish do.


Craving something familiar? Then you can just visit the good old known McDonald’s and enjoy a meal of your choice.

Carl’s JR

If you want fulfilling shakes, burgers, fries and other items of fast food then Carl’s JR, one of Turkish top rated fast food chain is the answer to your hunger problems in Vialand.

Chinese and Sushi Express

As promised this list contains both Turkish food and non-Turkish food options. If you are looking to enjoy delicious Chinese food or sushi then visit Chinese and Sushi Express in Istanbul. Located near vialand you will have the best food at Chinese and Sushi Express.

Cook Shop

Whether you want breakfast, dinner, lunch, dessert, an appetizer or a kids’ friendly meal, cook shop will serve you all. With a rating above 4, Cookshop is one of the top eating places you could visit Disneyland.

Haci Ahmet Café and Restaurant

If you are looking for a kid’s friendly restaurant with kid friendly Turkish and non-Turkish meals in Disneyland Turkey, then you should definitely visit Haci Ahmet café and Restaurant.

Disneyland is full of fun and adventure for kids and could be even for you. After enjoying the thrilling rides at Vialand, you can choose from one of the above top 10 restaurants at Disneyland Turkey and answer your food cravings.


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