Breakfast Like A King!


A brand new study has found proof that flies in the face of present thinking. Eating a high fat breakfast might help out with preventing metabolism syndrome, according to researchers in the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The study, released on-line March 30 in the International Journal of Obesity, analyzed the timing of specific types of foods in the growth of metabolism syndrome in mice. Mice fed a meal higher in fat only after waking had regular metabolism profiles. People who ate a higher carb diet, but have a high fat meal towards the end of the day, had improved fat gain, glucose intolerance, along with other markers of metabolism syndrome.

The metabolism syndrome is a bunch of risk factors that happen together, increasing the propensity to development coronary heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Both largest contributing factors for developing metabolism syndrome are excess stomach fat and insulin resistance. Other features of the syndrome include high blood pressure degree, high triglycerides, and high Low-density lipoprotein and low HDL cholesterol. Goals for treatment include weight reduction, increasing physical exercise, and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure level. It is projected that about 50 million Americans hold the metabolism syndrome. Lead writer Molly Bray PhD and team discovered that fat consumption during the time of waking seems to economically turn on fat metabolic process so the animal was better able to react to several kinds of food later in the day.

When only sugars are eaten, only that particular metabolism path was opened up for the rest of the day, leading to only metabolizing carbohydrates and storing fat. The first meal you’ve appears to program your metabolic process for the rest of the day, she said. A fat rich breakfast, you’ve metabolism plasticity to transfer your energy usage between sugars and fat. Prior to taking the suggestion to eat a high fat diet overall, the writers emphasize that the study also involved a lowered calorie, lower fat diet towards the end of the day, hence not growing the overall daily calorie consumption. Timing of dietary intake is simply as essential as quality and quantity of consumption. Author Daniela Jakubowicz used an identical theory when writing her weight reduction book The Big Breakfast Diet.

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